Supporting our communities & charities.


Making a positive difference.

We're setting new standards for supporting the communities we work in around the globe. A number of our supplier factories have implemented community support programmes focused on doing good in the localities where they're based, such as providing safe drinking water and essential basic necessities that directly benefit their workers and families in a tangible way.

Giving back where it matters.

Through our Gift of Time initiative, our workplace colleagues are highly engaged in fundraising and giving back to support local communities here in the UK too, genuinely seeking to provide help where and when it's needed most. Together, we want to become a force for good and make a real difference in people's lives.

To find out more about our charity and community achievements and commitments, download our latest sustainability report.

What we're
striving for.



Augment our social responsibility focus across the whole of the Banner Group.


Ensure that our Gift of Time programme is 100% inclusive and supports all minority groups as well as hardship and poverty alleviation.


Widen engagement and drive participation in the Gift of Time programme.


Regularly share successes and examples of colleagues' volunteering experiences to encourage, inspire and improve participation.


Ensure all charity and community activities are recorded and tracked within our internal reporting system so that we can accurately measure our social impact.



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