Together for
our planet.

In our business, the planet is a key stakeholder, just like the children who wear our schoolwear and the communities we serve. This means we embrace our responsibility to put back into nature what we take out of it, striving to minimise the environmental impact of our operations in every way we can.

The environment is a huge part of our sustainability strategy. And while we've achieved a lot so far, we intend to go bigger, better and bolder with our environmental commitments, investing in projects that reduce our carbon emissions and reduce or eliminate any detrimental impact on biodiversity.

To find out more about our environmental achievements and commitments, download our latest sustainability report.


What we've achieved.

We achieved


Status for our UK operations in 2021
We joined the Climate Neutral Now Initiative in March 2021 and pledged our support to the global race to

Net zero by2050


plastic bottles were recycled in 2021 to make the eco garments we sold.


of our company fleet is hybrid/electric and 18% is fully electric, with the long-term aim to go 100% electric across all vehicles.


single-use plastic bags have been removed from our supply chain annually.


of our retail sites have been moved to green/renewable energy with the aim of being 100% green across all sites.


trees were planted by us in Builth Wells, Wales as part of a blended approach to our carbon offset plan
We're collaborating with academic experts at Heriot Watt University to develop new innovations that will help us

reduce, reuse and recycle packaging.

What we're
striving for.


Reduce our Scope 1 and 2+ emissions by focussing on our emissions hotspots - Energy and Travel - and implementing our comprehensive reduction plan.


Re-evaluate the financial viability of installing a large solar PV system on the Canal Road warehouse roof in Trowbridge to provide 10% annual reductions in our emissions.


Revisit the commercial viability for electric vehicles that operate out of our Group DCs as part of our long-term aim to achieve a 100% electric company vehicle fleet.


Prioritise the reduction of full Scope 3 emissions in our value chain and commit to including full Scope 3 emissions in our 2022 carbon footprint measurement.


Work closely with our supply chain partners to reduce their environmental footprint and support them on their carbon-neutral journey.


Keep working to find a sustainable and commercial solution to recycle/re-purpose textiles at end of life and get used surplus textiles back into the supply chain.


Develop a transformational packaging strategy that delivers a net positive impact on the environment and reduces our plastic footprint by 50% by 2025, as well as 100% of our plastic and carbon packaging being sourced from recycled materials, not virgin sources.


Improve waste management and better recycling across all sites through closer monitoring of waste collections, better education on categories of waste and wider employee engagement through our “Waste Nothing” campaigns.


Keep collaborating and researching to ensure the fabrics we source for our garments come from renewable sources.



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